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 Hebei High Crystal Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. (referred to as High Crystal Company) is a key project in Hebei Province, which is located in Lu Chan street of Industrial Park,Yongnian County, Handan.High crystal company covers an area of 10 million square meters with a total construction area of 45000 square meters; there are three high standard transformer production workshop, which has 260 million yuan of  the fixed assets investment and 320 million yuan of annual output value; Bachelor degree or above has the proportion of the staff by 25%, including 10 vice senior engineers, 5 senior engineers.

In 2015, High Crystal Company and Baosteel Group jointly established quality silicon steel joint research institute, which mainly research and produce quality silicon steel strip, and promoted the application of the energy-saving transformer, which has laid a solid foundation for China to break grade energy-saving transformer products.In 2016, High Crystal Company and Wuhan Iron and Steel Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement, of which the two sides decided to further expand the production scale and technical level of high transformer raw materials.In the future, High Crystal Company will work together with many partners and customers at home and abroad to forge ahead, and contribute tirelessly for China's transformer industry and green energy saving economic!

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